Our Products

"Tawkelat Financing Co” (TFC ) providing a leasing and Murabaha for both new and used cars for the United Motors customers , which is characterized by the following:

• Without a sponsor.
• Without requiring the bank deduction.
• Preliminary approval within 30 minutes of submission of the application.
• The possibility of early repayment
• The possibility of replacing the car at any time.

Conditions & Requirement

1. Applicant who request funding to be a government employee or in the private sector.

2. Applicant who request funding to work not less than six months in the government sector and not less than one year for private sector, employees with the exception of the service by the nature of the applicant.

3. Minimum Applicant salary at least 5,000 riyals.

4. For non-Saudi Applicant must highlights a letter of introduction from the company or institution that employs undertaking to notify the company Agencies inchanging the status of the employee and before leaving work. (if possible)

5. Boost the value of the insurance policy by the company.

6. Monthly payment should not exceed 33% of the customer's monthly income.

7. The need for a sponsor to provide women with all the connections to the sponsor, or the existence of a bank guarantee.

8. The applicant must have a good credit behavior and should be reflected in the report of the Saudi Credit Information.

9. Applicant Age must be 21 years or older. In case it is less than 21, even 18 years the percentage of endurance and consumption in the insurance policy by the company not given authorization for less than 18 years old.

10. Need to get a quote from the company.